Company Overview

About Utilis

What are we:

  • Full service planning and engineering consultancy (established 2014)

Who we work with:

  • People.  Most of these people are working in government, commercial or community settings.  We also work with those in development, education, SME and not for profit sectors.

What is our purpose:

To help people in business, agencies and as individuals WHO WANT TO;

  • have a plan, get a permit, deliver a project, BY;
  • reducing complexity, innovating, AND;
  • increasing the ‘a-ha’ moments.

What we do:

  • Strategic Planning – community development, structure planning, complex strategy
  • Statutory Planning and Approvals – town planning, floodplain and environmental management
  • Environmental Engineering – hydraulic and hydrologic modelling, flood investigations, flood risk reports

Value Proposition:

By partnering with Utilis you will be able to move forward with projects to deliver the results you need.

We can help you take a project from start to finish, from advising you on the best approach and proposing suitable concepts, to liaising with responsible authorities and getting you the approvals you need to meet your goals.


Utilis = Help

Utilis is a Latin word, which roughly translates into words such as useful, advantageous, helpful

We have a depth of experience across a range of sectors and enjoy a diverse range of challenges.

Operating across regional Victoria, we offer a unique understanding of your community – because we are part of it.

We can get you the resources you need, the right systems, the right strategy and the right people with the right advice.

We seek to get to know your business, its pain points and its mission. Put simply, we take the time to understand what you need, and we know how to deliver it. We have a genuine desire to see our clients achieve their goals, because successful businesses contribute to successful communities. And we are proud to be part of that!