Environmental Engineering

At Utilis Consulting we have teamed up with HydroSpatial to provide a unique service mix to regional Victoria.
HydroSpatial is a specialised water modelling and GIS company that brings a fresh approach to floodplain, drainage and waterway related projects in Victoria. Based in western Sydney, this small dedicated team has the skill set of a tier one consultancy, with the benefit of individual service and dramatically lower overheads.

Utilis is a multi-disciplinary company providing a range of services across western Victoria. Based in Hamilton, the team combines many years of experience in strategic and statutory planning, floodplain, rural drainage and waterway management.
Utilis provides design and technical advice for planning and waterway permits.

Combined with HydropSpatial’s modelling expertise, we are a full-service water and NRM consultancy.

Service Offerings

We are able to provide the following service offerings:

  • Hydrological, hydraulic and water quality modelling of rural and urban environments using all industry-standard software packages
  • GIS data collection and collation
  • Mapping and remote sensing services (including aerial drone mapping)
  • Technical review of projects
  • Waterway assessments and permits
  • Flood risk reports
  • Flood recovery management
  • Vegetation and environmental assessments
  • Erosion control design and construction
  • Rural drainage scheme management and strategy
  • Integrated water management strategies
  • Environmental management plans
  • Waterway action plan

In addition, we are able to design bespoke solutions to your situation, so feel free to contact us to discuss further options.

Emergency Management

In Australia, more than half of all flood deaths and flood rescues occur when people drive into flood waters. Most of these flood deaths occur on rural, local roads and typically at causeways where the catchment is small and highly responsive. In the past, authorities have relied on driver education as the sole means of mitigating these risks, however it is likely that the characteristics of the road and crossing have a significant influence on the risk associated with the location.

HydroSpatial is now working to undertake desktop risk assessments of crossings within local government areas. The outcome of the assessment is a prioritised list of waterway crossings within a road network and a set of mitigation strategies for each of the priority crossings. These results can then be tied in with other traffic safety management plans to prioritise those that present both a flood fatality risk and a normal operating conditions risk.

Value Offering

With a relatively low cost base, we can maintain quality while providing services at a much lower expense than other consultancies. Our hourly rates are set roughly at the equivalent of a permanent employee including on-costs while providing our clients with the flexibility of contract or consulting type arrangements i.e. they do not have to maintain inhouse expertise when it is only required periodically. Approximately 50% of our workload is also undertaken in our client’s offices, which increases project efficiency and allows us to train staff at the same time.

Our services are backed by extensive experience, credentials and an excellent network of allied specialist consultants to ensure you get what is needed in the task. We have designed and delivered solutions for a range of complex flood and NRM related scenarios that involve interrelated objectives, such as nuisance flooding, rural drainage and exotic vegetation management.

We specialise in waterway planning and management, design and construction for waterway rehabilitation and community consultation. We provide end to end project and program management for a range of water, land, environmental and rehabilitation related challenges.