Aerial Imaging

Drone Services:

Utilis is proud of its innovative approach to solution-finding and,
as such, has decided to embrace RPAS (Remote-Piloted Aircraft
Systems) as a disruptive and rapidly-emerging technology in the
surveying, data-gathering, and cinematography fields. Through
maintaining our own fleet of craft and technological skills, we
are able to deliver a variety of both standalone and
complimentary services that provide a unique value-add to our
existing services.

We deliver on:
• Aerial survey mapping
• High-resolution oblique aerial imagery
• 4K aerial cinematography
• Real-time high-definition video downlinks

Utilis utilises a world-class photogrammetry algorithm provider
that generates a variety of powerful outputs, enabling us to
provide real-time mapping in order to inform time-sensitive
decisions, and delivers exceptional data-driven results.

Typical outputs include:

• High-resolution orthographic georeferenced imagery
• Elevation contours
• Digital surface models
• Digital terrain models
• Vegetation health maps
• Three-dimensional point clouds
• Textured polygon models
Use cases for our service offerings may include:
• Progress reports for construction and earthworks
• Comparison imagery to verify works with approved plans
• Regular photo-point captures

Imaging Solutions:

• Three-dimensional modelling of construction sites and
• Mining site inspection and management
• Analysis of raw material stockpiles
• Aerial surveying and photogrammetry for topographic
• Aerial property maps and imagery for real estate
• Elevation contour mapping for drainage and flood studies
• Asset & vegetation inspection through real-time video
• Aerial farm maps for agricultural planning
• Crop mapping and stand analysis
• Emergency management to assess extent of disaster areas
• Insurance claims to assess damaged infrastructure